Animal Rescue of Tracy
Animal Rescue of Tracy

Adoption Process

So, you have fallen in love with a particular sweetie pie from our photos of Adoptable Pets. What now?


Meet & Greet

A picture may say a thousand words, but meeting an animal is important before proceeding with adoption paperwork. A meet and greet can tell many things that one needs to know before selecting a pet to adopt. Does there seem to be a good chemistry between us? How do my children interact with this animal? Does he have a temperament and energy level that is a suitable fit for my lifestyle and home?


So, come by for a visit and meet all of our furry friends. We're open Saturday & Sunday at the West Valley Mall, Target Wing next to Luxury Perfumes. Still not sure if you’re ready to adopt? See "Before You Adopt" for tips and considerations.


Adoption Application

Tell us about yourself. We would like to know as much as we can to determine which pet(s) would be a good match with your home, family, and lifestyle. Remember, we are a completely foster-based rescue group, so each of our adoptable animals lives in a temporary, foster home. As such, we know all the little nuances and details of the pet’s behavior, personality, habits, etc. Decisions about application approval are at the sole discretion of the Animal Rescue of Tracy. We are committed to finding our pets a successful match in a forever home. You may download a Cat Adoption Application or Dog Adoption Application to fill it out in advance, then bring it with you to the Meet and Greet.

Home Study

Applications that are qualified to be a good fit for a particular pet may be subject to a home study by authorized representatives of Animal Rescue of Tracy. In general, all dog and special-needs cat applications will be subject to home inspection and observation of the animal in the environment. So, what are we looking for? Compatibility: How does the pet interact with your family in your home? How does the pet interact with existing animals in your home? Safety: Are your fence line and pool area completely secure? Is your home situated against a busy street when you want to adopt one of our little escape artists? Is your property free of dangerous debris, plants, etc? Practicality and Function: How much time will the pet be alone each day? Where will the pet stay when you’re not home? Where and how often will the pet be able to relieve itself? Where will the pet sleep? How will your pet get exercise?


For more tips on preparing for a new pet, see "Before You Adopt".


Transition to the New Home

Congratulations! If you are selected to be the proud new parent of a rescued dog or cat, arrangements will be made to finalize contractual details including the collection of adoption fees. A transition date will be set by Animal Rescue of Tracy on which your new pet will come home to stay!


Remember, this phase is called “transition” for a reason. It will be a time of adjustment and change for both your household and your new pet. Patience, diligence, and good old fashioned compassion will be key during the transition.Please see After You Adopt for additional tips.


Important Notice: All persons who adopt from Animal Rescue of Tracy agree to contact the organization immediately if circumstances change that will make it impossible to care for the animal properly in the long-term. Arrangements will be made to have the pet returned to the care of Animal Rescue of Tracy. 

Adoption Fees (effective 11/5/2019)


  • Kittens (6 months or younger) -- $125 each
  • Kittens when 2 or more are adopted TOGETHER  -- $95 each
  • Cats/Kittens  (over 6 months) -- $80 each
  • Cats/Kittens when 2 or more are adopted TOGETHER -- $60 each


  • Puppies (6 months or younger) $300 each
  • Puppies (6 months or younger) when 2 or more are adopted TOGETHER -- $250 each
  • Dogs/Puppies (6 months or older) $250 each
  • Dogs/Puppies (6 months or older) when 2 or more are adopted TOGETHER -- $200 each


SENIOR CITIZENS 65 YEARS OLD AND OLDER – 10% discount on full adoption fee

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY & VETERANS & SPOUSES (Must provide a valid ID card.) – 10% discount on full adoption fee


* Adoption Fee includes spay or neuter, vaccines to day of adoption, deworming, microchip and complimentary first visit to local Veterinarian office

** Note:  On a case-by-case basis and in the event of unique or specialty breeds there could be an increase in these adoption fees.  This information would be shared at the time the cat or dog is advertised for adoption. 

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